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  • Cosmos Smart Contract Audit – Process

    Cosmos Smart Contract Audit – Process

    When living in the age of rapid technological progress and development of the DeFi world, it is essential to be aware of emerging and existing ecosystems and cryptos. One is the Cosmos ecosystem, BTF-powered blockchain technology that creates smart contracts on Cosmos-compatible ecosystems. So, like any other ecosystem that runs smart contracts, regular smart contract […]

  • Cosmos Smart Contract

    Cosmos Smart Contract: Who Does The Audits?

    Blockchain technology occupies an important place in the modern world. And Cosmos technology will be even more popular in the future. It is developing rapidly, and many are investing in this cryptocurrency, seeing great prospects. Cosmos is a decentralized network of parallel independent blockchains powered by BFT. It is an ecosystem of blockchains that can […]

  • Cosmos Blockchain Audit

    Cosmos Blockchain Audit – Checklist

    Speaking about smart contract audits is about safety guarantees and product assurance. Why? Considering the year 2021, it is worth mentioning $3.2 billion that was stolen from crypto projects. So, to prevent any security gaps due to the rapid growth of the crypto industry, each participant’s key points are secure investments and data protection. Moreover, […]